Technical Assistance to School Sector Reform in Nepal



TSSP provides technical assistance to the Ministry of Education in Nepal for integrating soft skills into general education.


The team, which includes both national and international experts, works within the Nepalese system to help bring about the changes needed for students to develop their soft skills. The main areas of work are curriculum and in-service teacher training. At the moment, the project focuses on grades 9 and 10.


Teachers and students in 80 schools will participate in the project in an intensive piloting phase, where new soft skills developing teaching and learning activities, like group work, will be tested. Towards the end of the project, there will be a wider dissemination to selected schools and districts near intensive piloting areas.


The project started in September 2012. It was scheduled to run until the end of August 2015, but implementation time has now been extended until the end of the 2015.


The project is a part of the School Sector Reform Plan in Nepal (SSRP). The project is funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and operated by Hifab Ab.